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BIBLE – We seek to:

  • Clearly integrate the Scriptures and a biblical worldview in an obvious and intentional way in all aspects of every class.
  • Encourage parental responsibility for purposefully teaching God’s Word to their children (Proverbs 1:8; 2 Timothy 3:15; Ephesians 6:4).
  • Encourage local churches to equip and motivate parents to teach their children God’s Word.

ENGLISH – We seek to:

  • Equip every student with the skills necessary for good writing, including spelling, grammar, style, clarity, etc.
  • Put a major emphasis on good writing by requiring the students to write often and correctly in each subject area.
  • Encourage clear thinking by the students through requiring clear writing.
  • Introduce the students to many styles of writing using the Bible and other high-quality literature. 


  • Teach the students that God is in control of History and He will determine its ultimate outcome.
  • Enable the students to see God’s hand in the history of the world and the United States.
  • Broaden the students’ understanding of history and geography as the students mature.
  • Specifically, begin with local history and geography in 1st grade, Old Testament in 2nd grade, New Testament and Ancient Egypt in 3rd grade, Middle Ages in 4th grade, and 1520 to present in 5th grade.
  • Make history and geography “come alive” for the students using many forms of information and research (i.e., biographies, illustrations, field trips, guest speakers, music, art, foods, architecture, etc.).

SCIENCE – We seek to:

  • Develop in the students an increasing appreciation of the orderly and wondrous way God has designed the universe, and the laws which govern it.
  • Impart to the students the grammar of Physics, Biology, Earth Science, and Chemistry through the method of doing science.
  • Teach the students the scientific process by practicing it numerous times in each grade, so that by the time the students enter logic/rhetoric-level science they should be very familiar with the scientific method.
  • Encourage the students to think, question, and test their own theories.
  • Develop the students’ skills of observation and abilities to record and analyze information.
  • Encourage the students to apply their scientific knowledge to daily life.
  • Develop the students’ appreciation and knowledge of great scientists, especially Christian scientists, of the past.
  • Use many forms of instruction to teach scientific concepts and methods (i.e., a large variety of experiments, demonstrations, research projects, illustrations, field trips, guest speakers, etc.).

MATHEMATICS – We seek to:

  • Ensure that the students have a thorough mastery of basic mathematical functions and tables.
  • Put an emphasis on conceptual, as well as practical understanding of math through the frequent use of story problems.
  • Illustrate God’s unchanging character through the timeless, logical mathematical systems He gave to man through His gift of reason.

READING – We seek to:

  • Use phonics as the primary building block for teaching students to read.
  • Encourage the students to read correctly as soon as possible (normally in kindergarten or first grade).
  • Introduce the students to high-quality children’s literature as soon as possible through our Literature program.
  • Carefully monitor the student’s reading abilities to ensure they are at a reasonable level, are comprehending adequately, and are reading fluently—both orally and silently. This includes the proper use of word-attack skills.
  • Foster a life-long love of reading and high-quality literature after being taught to recognize the characteristics of such literature. 

ART – We seek to:

  • Develop classes receiving formal art instruction once a week where they will be trained to draw, paint, sculpt, etc., knowledgeably, joyfully, and skillfully unto the Lord.

MUSIC – We seek to:

  • Develop classes receiving formal music instruction where they will be trained to sing knowledgeably, joyfully, and skillfully to the Lord on a regular basis.
  • Enrich the teaching of Scripture through the teaching of many classic, meaningful hymns.
  • Encourage (through a variety of options) students to select some area of music, vocal or instrumental, to pursue on their own.


  • Provide Physical Education classes once a week for Grades 1-5.
  • In cooperation with the families, encourage the students to knowledgeably establish and maintain good health and nutritional habits.
  • To enhance Biblical patterns of behavior through activities requiring cooperation, teamwork, and general good sportsmanship.